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Epidemic analytics

We provide expert support to governments, NGOs and businesses in building, updating and reviewing their outbreak response and mitigation plans. With our world class global health experience and advanced quantitative capabilities, we can advise on plans and policies, review methodologies and develop bespoke protocols for epidemiological analyses.

Our Services

Mitigation Planning: Our team provides expert advice on preparedness and mitigation plans at every stage for governments, NGOs and businesses globally. Our team has experience in advising general mitigation plans and in supporting organisational responses to outbreaks in real time. 

Situation Reports: Our team prepares actionable reports supported by robust evidence on key priority topics, including new variants and the overall epidemiological profile and their impact on operations and business continuity. To capture the full impact of an outbreak, we often include, in addition to scientific evidence, information about potential political and economic risks.

Quantitative Analyses: Our team of world class epidemiologists undertake rigorous analyses to interpret trends and transmission and their impact on the client’s operations. Our predictive modelling uses cutting edge quantitative methodologies, including AI, Bayesian statistics, and phylogenetic analysis where appropriate.

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Reducing the volatility allows you to save money. There’s a reputational problem - if you go ahead with an event and it ends up being a super spreader event it’s not good.

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- CEO, Hospitality Sector

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