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An early warning system developed by world-class epidemiologists

Local outbreaks

Regional outbreaks that are high risk  for local impact

The right methodology

AI and other advanced quantiative methods 

Complex outbreaks

Emerging diseases with pandemic potential

Viral outbreaks

Emerging viral mutations, vaccine escape 

Bacterial outbreaks

Emerging anti-bacterial escape


Why choose epi[x]?

Outbreak monitoring made easy and accessible for you
Data resources
  • Spatial and mobility data

  • Genomic  sequences 

  • Human transmission paths

  • Zoonotic breakthroughs

  • Agricultural outbreaks

Multi-model system
  • Infectious disease modelling

  • AI (Artificial intelligence)

  • Machine learning

  • Bayesian and stochastic

  • Phylodynamic methods

Client reporting
  • Real time alerts

  • Internal dashboard

  • Intuitive risk evaluation

  • Tiered subscriptions

  • Global reach

Monitoring emerging outbreaks around the clock at the local, national, and global scale for clients around the world

epi[x] gives our clients the confidence to act ahead of the curve 

  • Manage risks

  • Predict disruptions 

  • Protect operations

  • Add to your ESG value

  • Improve Staff security

  • Save staff time

  • Improve efficiency 

What our clients say:

There's all sorts of public health data out there, but combining that with business advice in terms of looking at what was doable? This combination was extremely helpful. 

 CEO, Events Sector

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